Outbound Telemarketing Print
Outbound IVR, also referred to as Proactive Notification, has become one of the fastest growing segments of the IVR market. Traditionally used for notification services, such as emergency and collections, today’s Outbound IVR solutions offer a wider range of benefits, including enhancing customer relationships, reducing inbound interactions with live agents, and increasing revenues with compelling interactive outbound sales and marketing campaigns. By proactively contacting customers, companies can provide personalized, relevant and customer-specific information in a timely manner.
Unlike a lot of outbound notification systems where one-way voice messages are sent to the home phone, the APEX Outbound TeleMarketer (OTM) allows for multiple delivery methods, including voice, text/SMS, e-mail and video, to multiple devices, better ensuring the immediate receipt of the message. The APEX OTM offers interactive communications to allow message recipients to respond immediately over the same device if needed, enabling customers to take immediate action, such as completing potential sales transactions, within the IVR.
Key features of the APEX OTM include:
      •     Support for black lists and white lists
      •     Device detection to determine whether the call has been answered by a person
            or a voice mail system
      •     Seamless transferring to live agents when necessary
      •     Starting multiple sub-campaigns from within a primary campaign
      •     Complete reporting capabilities.
      •     Integrating to third-party middleware
As a service-ready solution available on the APEX Service Delivery Platform (SDP), the APEX OTM is powered by the OmniVox3D Application Server and offers a scalable and versatile carrier-grade proactive customer communications solution. Easily integrated into a SIP/IMS or TDM/ISDN/SS7 network, while supporting numerous types of protocols and conforming to industry standards, the APEX OTM offers an effective and affordable way to maximize your proactive customer communications.