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APEX Service Delivery Platform

Eliminate application silos, deliver significant savings, replace proprietary technologies, and reduce the need for specialized skills.

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OmniVox3D Application Server

Deploy multiple Voice, Video, SMS/Text, and
USSD services on a single platform supporting IP/IMS, 3G/4G (LTE), TDM/SS7 and converged networks.

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Improve usage capacity and increase network optimization with multi-vendor and legacy IVR Consolidation.

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Increase cost-efficiencies while supporting IP/IMS, 3G/4G (LTE), TDM/SS7, and converged environments on Network IVR.

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Design, Develop and Deliver all of your value-added and revenue-generating enhanced services from a single environment.

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Service Creation / OAM&P


Configure system-wide parameters and control locally and remotely distributed components of your solution from a single location.

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Service Creation / OAM&P


Visually track the real-time state of your calls and applications, as well as resource usage from a single screen.

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Increase revenue potentials by offering the latest in multi-media enhanced services, including Video IVR / IVVR.

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OmniVox3D, the Alternative to Envox*

OmniVox3D, the Alternative to Envox

Don’t let the acquisition of Envox by Syntellect slow down your business. Find out how to keep it moving with solutions from APEX.

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Network Operators and Value Added Service Providers across 95 countries rely on APEX Service Delivery Platforms and Application Servers for SIP/IMS multi-media enhanced services, such as IVR, Network IVR, Video IVR, Outbound IVR, IVR Consolidation, CRBT, ITR, IUR, Third-Party Call Control, Web 2.0 and Telecom 2.0 value-added services.
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Video Conferencing / Multi-Media Composition Engine

The APEX Video Conferencing System is a complete wideband/HD audio and HD video conferencing platform that seamlessly integrates with existing mobile/3G/4G (LTE) and IP/IMS converged networks. Its support for CIF, VGA, and 720p with H.264, along with its ability to address the "any device to any device" challenge (mobile, computer, television) enables the APEX Video Conferencing System to be device agnostic for maximum market penetration. Additionally, the APEX Video Conferencing System supports various multi-media (e.g. PowerPoint, Live TV) and web 2.0 streams (e.g. Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin) into a conference through its powerful multi-media Composition Engine.

Multi-Media Application Server

OmniVox3D is a multi-service SIP Application Server for the new generation of Voice, Video, Text/SMS, and USSD enhanced services, that is uniquely capable of delivering the latest ... expand

Service Delivery Platform

The APEX Service Delivery Platform (SDP) enables Network Operators and Value Added Service Providers to rapidly move through the deployment cycle of designing, developing, ... expand

Service Creation Environment / OAM&P Console

OmniView is the browser-based Service Creation Environment and OAM&P (Operations, Administration, Maintenance & Provisioning) Console of OmniVox3D. With the OmniView Service ... expand

Network IVR Consolidation

With the APEX SDP and OmniVox3D, Network IVR Consolidation can be implemented in two ways: as a single consolidated system, where existing applications are ported to the APEX SDP, ... expand

Self-Service Optimization

The APEX First Touch Self-Service Optimizer aims at optimizing self-service customer care systems with a set of multi-modal Strategies and Tactics for pre- and post-processing of customer service contacts. ... expand

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Text-Based Self-Service Customer Care
Text-Based Self-Service Customer Care
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Technical Tips


How can I efficiently and cost-effectively address the needs of the low ARPU segment of my subscriber base, while still offering a highly personalized and consistent level of customer care?


By offering automated two-way text-based communications. For more information read the Text-based Self-Service Customer Care Product Brief.


Technical & Implementation Briefs

Looking for more in-depth information about OmniVox3D, OmniView, and other APEX products, including the technologies behind them? Check-out one of our many Briefs by clicking here.

APEX Reseller Program (ARP)

As an ARP Member, you join a global network of premier VARs revolutionizing the industry with the new generation of multi-media enhanced services solutions. For more information or to join, click here.

SIP Application Servers and Service Delivery Platforms (SDP) with Service Creation for Mobile and Fixed IVR, Network IVR, Video IVR, Outbound IVR,
IVR Consolidation, Video Conferencing, Interactive Text Response (ITR), and Interactive USSD Response (IUR) including Web 2.0 and Telecom 2.0 enhanced services.

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